Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal Sparks Controversy and Conversation: Unveiling the Impact on Society

Unveiling Animal: Ranbir Kapoor Delves into Controversies and Conversations

In a recent promotional chat hosted by comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi, Bollywood sensation Ranbir Kapoor shared insights into the critique surrounding his recent blockbuster, Animal. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the film made its theatrical debut last year and recently landed on Netflix.

Acknowledging the audience’s fascination with the ‘negative side’ of Animal’s characters, Ranbir addressed the film’s role in sparking a healthy conversation about toxic masculinity. He emphasized cinema’s power to initiate discussions, stating, “There is a very healthy conversation that has started about toxic masculinity also. Which is a great thing because cinema, at least, it starts a conversation.”

Ranbir stressed the importance of portraying ‘wrong’ aspects onscreen to prompt societal conversations. He noted, “If you don’t make a film on them, society will never improve itself.” While advocating for empathy in portraying complex characters, Ranbir highlighted the audience’s role in discerning right from wrong.

Animal unfolds the story of Ranvijay Singh, portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor, a young man seeking revenge after his father’s attack. Despite criticism for allegedly glorifying misogyny and toxic behavior, the film has emerged as a blockbuster success. Ranbir’s co-stars, Anil Kapoor and Bobby Deol, also shared insights into their performances and the film’s impact.

Amidst controversies, Ranbir Kapoor views Animal as a catalyst for meaningful discussions on societal issues. The actor believes that addressing ‘bad characters’ onscreen is essential for societal improvement. As Animal continues to make waves on Netflix, it sparks conversations about the portrayal of negative elements in cinema and its impact on societal perceptions.


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