“Prince Harry Faces Calls to Step Back Amid Allegations Against Africa Parks Charity”

Prince Harry Advised to Distance Himself Amid Allegations: Africa Parks Under Scrutiny

Amidst unsettling allegations of rape and torture committed by staff in the Republic of the Congo, Prince Harry is urged to reconsider his role within the charity Africa Parks. The Independent reports that security personnel associated with Africa Parks, tasked with overseeing 22 national parks and protected areas across 12 countries, are facing accusations of severe human rights violations against the indigenous Baka people residing in the rainforests.

The Duke of Sussex, currently serving as a board member and former president of Africa Parks, finds himself in a challenging position as the charity grapples with allegations brought to light by the Mail on Sunday. The accusations include physical assault, sexual assault, and torture perpetrated by security personnel employed and financed by the organization.

Africa Parks, founded in 2000 with a mission to safeguard Africa’s national parks and promote wildlife conservation, has declared its ongoing investigation into these disturbing claims as of the “highest priority.” The charity emphasizes the importance of anyone with information on potential misconduct to step forward.

Fiore Longo, the head of the conservation campaign at Survival International, points out the historical context of abuse cases in the region. She notes a pattern of evictions dating back to colonial times and highlights a concerning escalation in violence since around 2010 when Africa Parks assumed control.

Longo states, “With the arrival of protected areas during colonial times, many locals have already been evicted. But it’s specifically around 2010 when African Parks took over that the locals said the violence started being worse than before.” The alleged mistreatment includes park rangers preventing locals from entering the forest, their home, to collect medicinal plants, hunt, and sustain their families.

As the charity grapples with these serious allegations, Prince Harry faces calls to distance himself from Africa Parks, raising questions about his association with an organization under scrutiny for grave human rights violations.


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