Mumbai’s Coastal Road: Scenic Parks and Smooth Drives Unveiling by May 2024

Mumbai’s Coastal Road Project: A Dual Delight of Smooth Drives and Scenic Parks

As the Coastal Road project in Mumbai gears up for full motorist accessibility by May 2024, there’s an added treat for citizens with theme parks and green spaces lining the route. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has reclaimed 110 hectares of the sea, reserving 70 hectares for an array of theme parks that promise to add charm to the city’s landscape.

Diverse Recreational Spaces:
Among the planned features on the reclaimed land are a butterfly garden, public art space, biodiversity park, woodland grove, coastal biodiversity park, amphitheatre, and an outdoor activity park. Additionally, a 7.50 km-long promenade with a cycle track is set to be a highlight, providing citizens with a scenic pathway for leisurely strolls and cycling.

Project Timeline and Delays:
While the completion of the Coastal Road is on track for May 2024, citizens eager to explore the green spaces must exercise patience until December 2025. The BMC’s Chief Engineer, M M Swami, stated that the landscaping project on the reclaimed land and along the promenade will commence soon, with an aim to finish by the end of 2025.

Ministry Conditions and Reclaimed Areas:
Documents from the BMC reveal that the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change imposed conditions for the Coastal Road project, including the creation of botanical butterfly gardens on the reclaimed land. The areas set for transformation include Nariman Point, Kemps Corner near Priyadarshini Park, Haji Ali, and Worli.

Anticipation for a Picturesque Drive:
With a direct route from Bandra to Nariman Point expected to be available from May 2024, motorists can not only enjoy a smooth drive but also witness the evolving beauty of the city’s coastal areas. The landscaping phase, though slightly delayed due to ongoing heavy machinery use, promises to add an extra layer of allure to Mumbai’s iconic Coastal Road.


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