ITC Ltd Reports Impressive Q3 FY24 Results: Net Profit Soars 11% to Rs 5,572 Crore, Exceeds Market Expectations

ITC Ltd Posts Robust Q3 FY24 Results: Net Profit Surges 11% to Rs 5,572 Crore

ITC Ltd, a leading conglomerate, has reported a stellar standalone net profit of Rs 5,572 crore for the December quarter of FY24, marking a significant 11 percent growth compared to Rs 5,031 crore in the same period the previous financial year. The company’s performance exceeded market expectations, beating Street estimates and showcasing a resilient financial trajectory. Additionally, the net profit exhibited a sequential rise of 13 percent from Rs 4,927 crore in the September quarter, underlining the company’s consistent growth.

Consolidated Net Profit and Revenue Surge: Exceeding Analyst Predictions

In a robust financial display, ITC Ltd declared a consolidated net profit of Rs 5,400.51 crore for the quarter ending in December, reflecting a noteworthy 6.5 percent increase. This surpassed the projections of six brokerages, where the net profit was anticipated to be Rs 5,183 crore. The company’s strategic business decisions and operational efficiency contributed to this positive outcome, reinforcing its position in the market.

Revenue Growth and Operational Highlights: ITC’s Strong Performance

ITC reported a 2 percent YoY increase in total revenue from operations, reaching Rs 17,651.85 crore from Rs 17,265 crore. This growth aligns with the company’s commitment to delivering value to its stakeholders and adapting to market dynamics. The consolidated revenue also witnessed a commendable 2.4 percent rise, reaching Rs 19,484.50 crore. These operational highlights underscore ITC’s resilience and agility in navigating economic fluctuations.

Outlook and Future Prospects: ITC’s Position in the Market

As ITC continues to demonstrate robust financial performance, its strategic positioning and diversified business portfolio play a pivotal role in navigating the evolving business landscape. The positive Q3 results not only reinforce investor confidence but also position ITC as a key player in the market. The company’s commitment to sustainable growth and effective business strategies sets the stage for continued success in the dynamic business environment.


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