Rohan Bopanna Makes Tennis History: Oldest Grand Slam Winner in Men’s Doubles at Australian Open 2024

Rohan Bopanna Creates History at Australian Open 2024: Oldest Grand Slam Winner in Men’s Doubles

In a tennis spectacle at the Australian Open 2024, Rohan Bopanna etched his name in history as the oldest grand slam winner in men’s doubles, teaming up with Australian partner Matthew Ebden. At the age of 43, Bopanna’s triumph in the final against the formidable Italian pair of Simone Bolelli and Andrea Vavassori was a testament to his skill and resilience.

This monumental victory marked Bopanna’s second grand slam title, adding to his impressive record that includes the 2017 French Open win alongside Gabriela Dabrowski in mixed doubles. The championship clash unfolded as a captivating display of determination, with both pairs showcasing their world-class abilities in a tense battle for supremacy.

The intensity of the contest reached its peak in the first set, culminating in a gripping tiebreaker where Bopanna and Ebden exhibited their dominance, claiming victory with a scoreline of 6 (7)- 6 (0). Despite a spirited comeback attempt by Bolelli and Vavassori, the Indian-Australian duo held their composure, methodically seizing control of the match.

The second set witnessed a hard-fought contest, with each game altering the complexion of the showdown. Bopanna and Ebden, displaying steely resolve, secured the title with a scoreline of 7-5, cementing their place in tennis history. This remarkable achievement not only showcases Bopanna’s prowess as a seasoned player but also positions him as a record-breaking grand slam winner, adding another glorious chapter to his illustrious career. The Australian Open 2024 will be remembered for the historic feat of the oldest grand slam winner, Rohan Bopanna.


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