Dakota Johnson Embraces Viral Limes Moment in Playful SNL Promo: From ‘Jambalaya’ Antics to Hilarious Confessions

Dakota Johnson’s Playful Banter with Limes Takes Center Stage

In a delightful turn of events, actress Dakota Johnson recently embraced the humor surrounding her viral limes moment in a promotional clip for ‘Saturday Night Live.’ The 34-year-old star, set to host SNL on January 27, playfully revisited her March 2020 Architectural Digest house tour, infamously tied to a revelation about her supposed love for limes.

Jovial Tour of Studio 8H and ‘Jambalaya’ Antics

In the promotional clip, Johnson takes viewers on a tour of Studio 8H, providing a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes frenzy. The actress humorously stumbles upon Punkie Johnson’s dressing room, where the SNL cast is fervently preparing her requested “jambalaya,” a clever nod to ‘The Bear.’

Dakota’s Hilarious Lime Confession

Amidst the lively tour, Johnson encounters a bowl of limes and seizes the moment to address her lime-related antics. With a mischievous smile, she declares, “Oh, I love limes,” a charming callback to her previous declaration in the Architectural Digest video that captured the internet’s attention.

Revisiting the Limes Saga: From Love to Allergy

The original Architectural Digest video showcased Johnson’s all-green kitchen, complete with a bowl of limes, as she professed her adoration for the fruit. However, in a January 2021 episode of ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,’ she confessed her allergy to limes, explaining that they make her “tongue itch.” The actress revealed that the limes were set dressing she wasn’t aware of during the tour, leading to her playful deception.

Fallon’s Response and Johnson’s Candid Admission

Jimmy Fallon, upon learning the truth, expressed his amusement, stating, “Unbelievable. I’m glad you came clean.” Johnson’s lighthearted admission added a refreshing touch to the quirky saga, showcasing her willingness to join in the laughter surrounding her inadvertent lime-related fib.

Conclusion: Dakota Johnson’s Charismatic Approach to Viral Moments

Dakota Johnson’s SNL promotional clip not only teases an entertaining episode but also highlights her charismatic and humorous approach to her own viral moments. Embracing the lime saga with playfulness, Johnson invites viewers to enjoy the lighter side of celebrity quirks, turning a simple fruit into a memorable and amusing storyline.**


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