Maalicious Jewellery: Crafting Stories with Culture, Craftsmanship, and Sustainability

Unveiling ‘Maalicious’: A Journey Through Culture and Craft

Understanding the Essence of ‘Maal’

The term ‘Maal,’ a Hindi slang with versatile applications, has transcended its literal meaning to become a nuanced expression in various contexts. Much like this evolving word, ‘Malicious’ emerges as a distinctive statement jewellery brand rooted in culture, adapting seamlessly to diverse settings and outfits. Based in New York City, Maalicious combines Indian craftsmanship finesse with urban flair, weaving a stylish narrative that echoes the team’s cultural identity.

Poonam Thimmaiah’s Vision: Beyond Adornment

A Two-Fold Purpose

Founded by Poonam Thimmaiah, Maalicious Jewellery carries a profound vision that extends beyond mere adornment. Poonam articulates the brand’s purpose as providing a platform for women artisans in India and simultaneously rejuvenating traditional arts. Stemming from a personal loss, Poonam embarked on this journey as a healing project, leading her to collaborate with differently-abled students and female artisans across India, weaving diverse art forms into the brand’s collections.

The Artistry of Maalicious: Blending Cultures

Crafted with Precision and Love

Maalicious stands as a testament to precision, love, and the intersection of diverse cultural influences. Designed in NYC, each piece is meticulously handmade, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity. The fusion of history, societal influences, and an unwavering feminine spirit defines Maalicious as a brand that transcends mere jewellery, embracing storytelling through each artfully crafted piece.

Sustainable Commitment: Sourcing and Materials

A Responsible Approach

Embracing sustainability, Maalicious takes pride in responsibly sourcing materials. The brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness is reflected in each product, featuring 22k gold-plated material and incorporating sustainable elements like clay, wood, and silk. By choosing materials thoughtfully, Maalicious weaves a narrative of beauty that extends beyond aesthetics to a commitment to the planet.

Artisans at the Heart: Connecting with Creators

Stories Behind Each Creation

Maalicious puts the artisans at the heart of its operations, introducing customers to the talented individuals breathing life into each creation. From Shruti Mascarenhas, inspired by the aroma of clay in her grandmother’s kitchen, to Nirmitee, founder of ‘Handmade Love,’ infusing passion for fandoms into polymer clay pieces – each artisan’s story contributes to the rich tapestry of Maalicious.

Shruti Mascarenhas: Crafting Memories in Clay

Hand-Painted Clay Pieces from Goa

Shruti Mascarenhas, inspired by childhood memories, crafts hand-painted clay pieces in her Goa studio. The scent of clay in her grandmother’s kitchen fuels her creativity, adding a personal touch to Maalicious creations.

Nirmitee: Fandoms in Polymer Clay

Transforming Passion into Art

Founder of ‘Handmade Love,’ Nirmitee channels her passion for fandoms into polymer clay pieces for Maalicious. Each creation resonates with her dedication to art and storytelling.

Soniya Aravind: Empowerment Through Handiwork

Cultural Identity in Polymer Clay

Driven by a quest for financial independence, Soniya Aravind shapes polymer clay pieces like the Drokpas, sharing her journey and cultural identity with the world through handiwork for Maalicious.

Tanu Kala: Gemstone Enthusiast’s Touch

Metal and Gemstone Designs

Gemstone enthusiast Tanu Kala adds her touch to Maalicious with metal and gemstone designs. Her passion for exquisite craftsmanship enriches the brand’s offerings with unique, timeless pieces.

Maalicious: A Tapestry of Diversity

Gem of Indian Craftsmanship

In conclusion, Maalicious emerges not just as a jewellery brand but as a narrative tapestry woven from the threads of cultural diversity, sustainability, and individual stories. It stands as a gem in Indian craftsmanship, a testament to the power of artistry and cultural identity in the world of fashion. Each piece tells a story, connecting the wearer with the artisans, the materials, and the rich cultural heritage that defines Maalicious.


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