Winter Chill in Delhi: IMD Forecasts Sub-7°C Minimum Temperature, Issues ‘Orange Alert’ for Republic Day

Chilly Outlook: Delhi’s Weather Dips as IMD Forecasts Sub-7°C Minimum Temperature

As winter maintains its icy grip, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) projects a further drop in temperatures for Delhi. Anticipating a minimum temperature fluctuating between 5 to 7 degrees Celsius, the capital is currently grappling with cold day conditions and dense morning and night fog, creating an atmospheric chill.

In a recent observation, Delhi recorded a frigid minimum temperature of 4.8 degrees Celsius on January 25, marking a three-notch deviation below the season’s average, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD). The daytime high fared marginally better at 20.5 degrees Celsius, lingering just one notch below the normal range. The relative humidity, measured at 5:30 pm, registered at 69 percent, adding a layer of frostiness to the prevailing weather.

Looking ahead, the weather department issues a cautionary note for Republic Day, predicting moderate to dense fog conditions during the early hours. An ‘orange alert’ has been raised for January 26, signaling potential disruptions due to reduced visibility. As Delhiites prepare for the annual celebration, this weather advisory prompts a need for heightened awareness and preparedness.

The city’s residents are urged to brace themselves for the wintry conditions, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about the evolving weather patterns. As the mercury dips, staying warm and taking precautions while commuting become paramount, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience amidst the chilly weather.

In this weather update, Delhi finds itself in the throes of a cold spell, and as the capital navigates through these crisp winter days, the resilience of its residents shines through, adapting to the ever-changing face of the season.


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