Strategic Alliance Unveiled: Modi-Macron Talks Elevate India-France Relations in Defence, Security, and Business Domains

In a landmark meeting in Jaipur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron engaged in discussions to fortify bilateral ties, placing a strong emphasis on advancing defence, security, and business collaborations. This diplomatic tête-à-tête stems from the commitment made by the two leaders in Paris on July 14, where they laid the groundwork for the Horizon 2047 Roadmap. This comprehensive plan focuses on three pivotal pillars: “partnership for security and sovereignty, partnership for the planet, and partnership for the people.”

Modi’s visit to France in the previous July, where he graced the Bastille Day parade as the guest of honour, set the stage for this strategic partnership renewal. The leaders are now channeling their efforts to achieve new common goals over the next quarter-century.

Highlighting the strong military cooperation, six Indian soldiers from the prestigious French Foreign Legion will stand alongside a 95-member French military contingent during the parade. The grand spectacle will feature two Rafale fighters and an Airbus A330 MRTT from the French air force in a breathtaking flypast, complemented by 56 Indian military aircraft, including 29 fighter jets. Adding a cultural touch, a 33-member band contingent from France will contribute to the vibrancy of the parade.

As these two nations forge ahead on the Horizon 2047 Roadmap, their commitment to security, environmental collaboration, and people-to-people partnerships reflects a new era in the India-France relationship.


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