Recent Clashes in Mumbai: Understanding Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha Fallout and Police Warning on Social Media Content

Tensions Rise After Mira Road Clash: Social Media Admins Warned Against Sharing Content

In the aftermath of the recent bulldozer action in Mumbai’s Mira Road, the Mira Bhayandar Vasai Vihar Police issued a stern warning to social media administrators. On Wednesday, they urged admins not to forward or share any jokes or videos related to the clashes that unfolded on the eve of Ram Temple pran pratishtha. The police emphasized that strict actions would be taken against group admins violating this directive.

Clash Erupts on the Eve of Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha

The trigger for these measures was a clash that erupted on Sunday night, with videos of the incident spreading widely on social media. The clash involved cars carrying flags of Lord Ram being attacked by individuals from the Muslim community. Riot police were swiftly deployed to the area, just hours before the consecration of the Ram Temple. In response, approximately 13 people were arrested in connection with the case.

Government Takes Swift Action

Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, assured strict action against those attempting to disrupt law and order. The government, responding to the incident, stated that “illegal structures and encroachments” were demolished in the Naya Nagar area of Mira Road.

Police Caution Against Misinformation

As investigations unfold, the police emphasized that arrests are being made based on evidence. They also expressed concern about the dissemination of various videos and information related to the incident, leading to misunderstandings in society. The note highlighted the importance of avoiding content that may hurt religious sentiments and create law and order problems.

Government Orders Bulldozer Action

The bulldozer action in the Naya Nagar area was carried out following instructions from the Maharashtra government. Municipal Corporation, in collaboration with the police, executed the removal of illegal structures and encroachments in preparation for the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha celebrations.

Incidents of Outraging Religious Sentiments

Apart from the clash in Mira Road, several other incidents were reported across Mumbai on the day of pran-prathistha. These incidents included disrespect to the flag of Lord Ram at the Pimpleshwar temple, a provocative status message leading to an arrest in Govandi, and the removal of a flag with Lord Ram’s photo resulting in a 55-year-old man’s arrest at Bhoiwada.

Ensuring Social Peace

The police’s plea for responsible social media use and the government’s swift response underscore the importance of maintaining social peace amidst religious events. Investigations continue, and authorities remain vigilant to prevent any escalation of tensions.


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