Kerala Shines: Awarded ‘Best Performer’ in Startup Ranking 2022 and Set to Launch Cutting-Edge Tech Hub

Kerala Triumphs: Emerging as India’s Premier Startup Hub

In a momentous achievement, Kerala has been honored with the ‘Best Performer’ award in the States’ Startup Ranking 2022 by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). This accolade reflects the state’s unwavering commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs. The announcement was made on National Startup Day, underscoring Kerala’s pivotal role in nurturing innovative enterprises.

Tech Hub on the Horizon: A Game-Changer for Deep-Tech Startups

In response to this recognition, Kerala is set to establish an avant-garde technology hub at Pallippuram near Thiruvananthapuram. With an estimated cost of ₹1,500 crore, the hub will sprawl across five lakh square feet, emerging as a beacon for deep-tech startups. Anoop Ambika, CEO of Kerala Startup Mission, envisions the hub as a transformative space, especially advantageous for startups venturing into artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, computer imaging, and other cutting-edge applications crucial for advancing technologies like virtual reality.

Kerala’s Continued Excellence: A Testament to Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Securing the ‘Best Performer’ title in the Startup Ranking 2022 is not the first feather in Kerala’s cap. The state has consistently earned the ‘Top Performer’ title for three consecutive years, showcasing its commitment to providing robust institutional support to startups, students, and women entrepreneurs. The accolades also acknowledge Kerala’s initiatives to create extensive opportunities for nascent companies, facilitating interactions with investors through programs like IGNITE.

Rural Innovation: Kerala’s Unique Approach to Startup Success

Kerala’s success in the startup realm extends beyond urban landscapes. The state’s endeavors to encourage startups involved in transformative initiatives in the rural sector have played a pivotal role in earning this prestigious accolade. This recognition positions Kerala not only as a technological hub but also as a catalyst for ambitious changes, impacting both urban and rural landscapes.

KSUM’s Decade-Long Commitment to Entrepreneurship Development

Established in 2006 under the Kerala government, the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) has been at the forefront of entrepreneurship development and incubation activities. Its decade-long commitment to fostering innovation and providing a launchpad for startups has played a pivotal role in propelling Kerala to the forefront of India’s startup ecosystem.

Kerala’s ascent as a startup powerhouse continues, fueled by a supportive ecosystem, strategic initiatives, and a vision that extends beyond traditional boundaries. As the state unveils its ambitious tech hub, it marks another chapter in Kerala’s journey towards becoming a beacon for innovation and entrepreneurship in India.


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