Harley-Davidson’s 2024 Motorcycle Lineup Unveiled: A Triumph of Touring Excellence

Harley-Davidson Unveils 2024 Motorcycle Lineup: A New Era of Touring Excellence

Harley-Davidson, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, has unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 motorcycle lineup, signaling a new era of touring performance, technology, and design. The release includes four new models, with a particular focus on elevating power, comfort, and technology, all wrapped in a striking visual design.

Revolutionary Street Glide® and Road Glide® Models

The spotlight of the 2024 lineup falls on the all-new Street Glide® and Road Glide® models, both featuring the impressive Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine. These models boast increased power, reduced weight, and enhanced comfort, coupled with advanced technology. A standout feature is the new infotainment system, powered by Skyline™ OS, showcased on a 12.3-inch TFT color touch screen.

Commemorating 25 Years of Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO): CVO™ Road Glide® ST

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Custom Vehicle Operations, Harley-Davidson introduces the CVO™ Road Glide® ST model. This hot rod bagger takes performance to unprecedented levels with racing-inspired high-performance suspension and brakes. The Milwaukee-Eight® 121 HO engine and a low final drive ratio deliver exhilarating acceleration and mid-range thrust, catering to the desires of aggressive riders.

Venturing into Adventure Touring: CVO™ Pan America®

Breaking new ground, the CVO™ Pan America® emerges as the first CVO offering in the adventure touring segment. Retaining the features that made the Pan America® 1250 Special model a favorite among adventure touring enthusiasts, this CVO™ variant adds rugged accessories, including Adaptive Ride Height suspension, aluminum top and side cases, a Screamin’ Eagle® quickshifter, and more.

Scheduled Dealership Arrival: January 2024

Harley-Davidson enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of these groundbreaking 2024 models at authorized dealerships in January 2024. Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President, and CEO of Harley-Davidson, expresses excitement about these models, describing them as the “most enticing touring motorcycles ever offered by Harley-Davidson.”

2024 Street Glide and Road Glide Models: Power, Technology, and Comfort

The Street Glide and Road Glide models undergo significant enhancements, featuring an evolved fairing profile, updated Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine, selectable Ride Modes, and a state-of-the-art infotainment system powered by Skyline™ OS. Improved aerodynamics and rider comfort add to the allure, making these models a pinnacle of Harley-Davidson touring excellence.

CVO Road Glide ST: The Epitome of Performance Bagger

The CVO Road Glide ST takes center stage as the quickest, fastest, and most-sophisticated performance bagger ever produced by Harley-Davidson. With exclusive paint choices, a Milwaukee-Eight 121 High Output V-Twin engine, and premium components like fully adjustable suspension and Brembo™ braking, this model is a testament to Harley-Davidson’s commitment to performance-minded riders.

CVO Pan America: A Milestone in Adventure Touring

Introducing the CVO Pan America, Harley-Davidson pioneers its first adventure touring motorcycle within the CVO™ program. Retaining the core features of the Pan America 1250 Special, this model comes equipped with a range of rugged accessories, catering to adventure riders seeking the perfect blend of performance and custom design.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for Harley-Davidson

As Harley-Davidson propels into 2024, these groundbreaking models signify a new chapter for the legendary brand. With a focus on innovation, evolution, and emotion, the company continues to define motorcycle culture, offering a diverse range of motorcycles that cater to riders’ desires for adventure, freedom, and unparalleled touring experiences.


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