Ryan Gosling’s Oscar Nod for ‘Barbie’: A Humble Thanks, a Missing Duo, and a History-Making Film

Ryan Gosling Expresses Gratitude Amid Oscar Nominations, Acknowledges Snubs

In the wake of Tuesday morning’s Oscar nominations announcement, Ryan Gosling, nominated for best supporting actor for his role in “Barbie,” shared a heartfelt statement expressing his gratitude. The actor conveyed his honor to be recognized alongside exceptional artists in a year marked by outstanding films. Gosling, known for his portrayal of the iconic plastic doll Ken, acknowledged the unexpected pride he feels for bringing life to such a unique character.

A Humble Beginning with “Ken”

Gosling’s statement began with humility, expressing surprise at the honor of being nominated for portraying a character named Ken. The actor, widely celebrated for his diverse roles, emphasized the unexpected joy of contributing to a film centered around a plastic doll, highlighting the whimsical nature of the project.

Standing Against Snubs: Robbie and Gerwig

While basking in the acknowledgment of his own nomination, Gosling didn’t shy away from addressing the notable exclusions in the Oscar nominations. He openly voiced his support for Margot Robbie, overlooked in the best actress category, and Greta Gerwig, who missed out on a best director nomination. Gosling emphasized the integral role both Robbie and Gerwig played in the creation of the “Barbie” movie, describing them as the driving forces behind the globally-celebrated film.

Ken and Barbie: A Symbiotic Connection

Gosling’s analogy comparing himself to Ken and recognizing Robbie as Barbie highlighted the symbiotic connection between their characters. The actor’s acknowledgment of the collaborative effort behind the scenes reinforced the idea that the success of the “Barbie” movie was a collective achievement involving the talents of various artists.

A History-Making Film

In his closing statements, Gosling underscored the historic significance of “Barbie” and the global celebration it has garnered. By expressing gratitude for his nomination while standing in solidarity with his co-stars, he painted a picture of a film that transcends traditional boundaries, symbolizing inclusivity and recognition for all contributors.

As the Oscar buzz intensifies, Ryan Gosling’s words serve as a reminder of the collaborative and interconnected nature of filmmaking, where each artist, whether in front of or behind the camera, plays a crucial role in bringing a cinematic masterpiece to life.

Gerwig and Robbie Overlooked in Oscar Nominations: Gosling Expresses Disappointment

In a surprising turn of events during Tuesday’s Oscar nominations announcement, two key figures associated with the film “Barbie,” Greta Gerwig, and Margot Robbie, found themselves absent from the best actress and best director categories, respectively. While both received nominations in other fields, their exclusions became notable talking points and stirred discussions within the entertainment industry.

Gosling’s Candid Reaction and Acknowledgment of Talent

Ryan Gosling, nominated for best supporting actor for his role in “Barbie,” expressed his disappointment at the oversight of Gerwig and Robbie in their respective categories. In a candid statement, Gosling emphasized the indispensable role played by the two actresses, recognizing their talent, grit, and genius. He made it clear that the success and recognition of “Barbie” were indebted to the impactful contributions of Gerwig and Robbie, underscoring the disappointment he felt on their behalf.

A Unique Perspective on Film-Making with “Barbie”

Gosling’s statement provided a unique insight into the unconventional nature of “Barbie,” describing the film’s characters as “soulless, scantily clad, and thankfully crotchless dolls.” Despite this unconventional premise, he highlighted how Gerwig and Robbie managed to captivate audiences, eliciting laughter, breaking hearts, and pushing cultural boundaries. The actor acknowledged the historic significance of their work, making a case for their recognition alongside other deserving nominees.

Celebrating Others and Acknowledging Groundbreaking Work

While expressing disappointment for Gerwig and Robbie, Gosling didn’t lose sight of celebrating the achievements of his colleagues. He specifically mentioned America Ferrera and other incredible artists who contributed their talents to make “Barbie” a groundbreaking film. Gosling’s statement served as a testament to the collaborative effort behind the scenes, showcasing the complexities and nuances of the film-making process.

As the entertainment industry reflects on the Oscar nominations, Gosling’s words shed light on the multifaceted emotions that accompany such announcements. The actor’s candid expression of disappointment balanced with celebration for his fellow artists offers a glimpse into the dynamic nature of Hollywood recognition and the continuous dialogue surrounding diversity, recognition, and the evolving landscape of film-making.


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