Elle King’s Controversial Grand Ole Opry Performance Sparks Outrage and Apology

Embarrassing Incident at the Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry found itself issuing an apology following an unsettling performance by Elle King during a Dolly Parton tribute. The singer, openly admitting to being “f—ing hammered,” veered away from the traditionally family-friendly atmosphere, engaging in profanity, awkward banter, and even struggling to recall the Parton song slated for the birthday salute.

Outrage and Apology

In response to the widespread dissatisfaction expressed by country fans, the Opry officially apologized for the language used during the contentious performance. A disgruntled attendee, taking to social media, expressed disappointment, stating that Elle King’s intoxicated and profane display had marred what was supposed to be a memorable night, especially for first-time Opry attendees who had spent a considerable amount on tickets.

Unraveling Onstage: Forgetting Lyrics and Altering Tunes

The controversy escalated as video clips surfaced, capturing Elle King seemingly forgetting the lyrics to Dolly Parton’s “Marry Me.” Instead, she substituted expletives and confessed to not knowing the lyrics in the town. As tensions rose among the audience, King responded defiantly, asserting that refunds wouldn’t be issued. She further acknowledged her inebriated state, introducing herself as “f—ing hammered.” Amidst the chaos, a bandmate suggested she perform an original song, to which King, reportedly struggling, expressed uncertainty about playing even her own material.

Country Fans React: Concerns and Criticisms

Country music enthusiasts quickly voiced their concerns and criticisms. Some saw this incident as Elle King’s misguided attempt to cultivate an outlaw image as she transitions from pop-rock to country. Others expressed worry for her well-being, citing her past openness about performing while inebriated. Saving Country Music, a prominent country music site, emphasized that King owed both Parton and the Opry an apology. The editor, known as Trigger, remarked that Elle King’s behavior felt more sad than rebellious, suggesting it might be a cry for help.

Navigating a Transition to Country Music

As Elle King officially ventured into country music with her recent album, ‘Come Get Your Wife,’ questions arose about the appropriateness of her actions for someone seeking acceptance in the country music scene. The incident raised concerns about her choice to alienate the Opry and disrespect a country music icon like Dolly Parton.

Silence from Reps

Despite the escalating controversy, representatives for both Elle King and the Grand Ole Opry have not yet responded to requests for comment, leaving fans and observers to ponder the aftermath of this tumultuous performance.


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