Tim Barry: Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 | Transforming Healthcare with VillageMD Innovation

Tim Barry: Cornell’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2024

Unlocking Innovation in Healthcare

In a momentous recognition, Tim Barry has been bestowed with the title of Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2024. A visionary entrepreneur, he founded VillageMD in 2013 with a mission to revolutionize healthcare through the strategic integration of technology, population insights, and a network of skilled healthcare professionals.

VillageMD’s Vision Unveiled

Barry’s brainchild, VillageMD, operates through Village Medical, Summit Health, and CityMD – the company’s urgent care service spanning the New York-New Jersey area. With a workforce of 20,000, the company boasts hundreds of practice locations across the U.S., including prominent markets like Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan. Additionally, VillageMD operates Village Medical at Walgreens practices, offering comprehensive primary care services.

A Cornell Journey Inspiring Innovation

Zach Shulman, director of Entrepreneurship at Cornell, hails Barry as the epitome of a Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year. Barry’s journey began at Cornell, where he earned his undergraduate degree in agricultural economics from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Reflecting on the impact of his Cornell experience, Barry emphasizes how it opened his eyes to the limitless possibilities of entrepreneurship.

Resilience in Entrepreneurship

Barry’s entrepreneurial path wasn’t without challenges. His first venture in his 20s faced failure, but his resilience shone through. Encouraged by his wife, he continued exploring new ventures while working in larger companies. This tenacity laid the foundation for VillageMD.

Transforming Healthcare

Driven by a belief that the U.S. healthcare system could be improved, Barry’s dedication to creating solutions led to the establishment of VillageMD. With over a decade of impactful work, the company has positively affected millions of lives. Yet, for Barry, there’s still more to be done in reshaping the healthcare landscape.

Accolades and Impact

Tim Barry’s contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2023, he earned a spot on Modern Healthcare’s Top 100 Most Influential People list. Furthermore, Village Medical’s “New Way to Well” campaign, targeting patients, particularly seniors, earned prestigious recognitions, including a Healthcare Marketing Impact award from Ad Age and the TITAN Health award.


Tim Barry’s journey from a small town in Wisconsin to Cornell and beyond exemplifies the essence of entrepreneurship. As Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2024, Barry’s innovative spirit, commitment to humanity, and inspirational story resonate as a beacon of success. In the dynamic realm of healthcare, his work stands as a testament to what can be achieved when an entrepreneur addresses critical pain points with innovative solutions and unwavering determination.


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