DFS Group Unveils ‘Beauty Collective’ Concept: Elevating Luxury Beauty Shopping in Hong Kong

DFS Group Unveils ‘Beauty Collective’ Concept for Elevated Beauty Shopping in Hong Kong

Innovative Expansion: DFS Group’s Beauty Collective Concept

DFS Group, a global luxury retailer, makes a bold move in the realm of beauty and fragrance curation with the launch of its ‘Beauty Collective’ concept in Hong Kong. This strategic initiative aims to augment DFS Group’s retail presence and redefine the beauty shopping experience. The concept’s unveiling is marked by the recent redesign of T Galleria Beauty by DFS at Hysan Place, introducing a fresh approach to brand curation across lifestyle, skincare, haircare, and technology sectors.

Curating the Unexplored: A Distinctive Selection

At the heart of the ‘Beauty Collective’ concept is a focus on curating brands that are not yet widely available in Hong Kong. The Hysan Place store stands as a testament to this vision, offering an exclusive selection of 24 prominent brands. Aman Essentials, Argentum, Axxzia, Bachca, and Barneys New York are among the carefully chosen brands that enrich the curated collection. DFS Group aims to bring an array of unique offerings to customers, fostering an environment that encourages exploration beyond conventional beauty choices.

Immersive Beauty Experience: Redefining Retail Spaces

The essence of ‘Beauty Collective’ lies in providing customers with an immersive experience. The redesigned store at Hysan Place is crafted to curate a relaxed and welcoming ambience, inviting customers to indulge in their beauty shopping journey. DFS Group envisions this space as more than just a retail outlet; it’s a destination where patrons can explore and discover exclusive beauty products in an environment designed to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Innovation at the Core: Amael Blain on DFS Group’s Vision

Amael Blain, Global Senior VP of Beauty at DFS Group, emphasizes the role of innovation in the company’s dedication to delivering luxury without boundaries. The ‘Beauty Collective’ concept reflects DFS Group’s commitment to pushing boundaries, offering a distinctive retail proposition that goes beyond the ordinary. As DFS Group redefines beauty shopping in Hong Kong, the ‘Beauty Collective’ concept becomes a testament to their innovative spirit and dedication to elevating the consumer experience in the realm of beauty and fragrance.


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