Adventures Unveiled: India’s Path to Global Hub at the National Conference on Adventure Tourism 2023

Unveiling India’s Adventure Tourism Odyssey: A Conference Recap

Setting the Stage in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat
From December 18th to 19th, 2023, the Ministry of Tourism orchestrated the National Conference on Adventure Tourism in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat. The vision was clear: by 2047, India aimed to position itself as a global adventure tourism hub under the theme “Viksit Bharat@2047: Making India a Global Adventure Tourism Hub.”

India’s Geographic Tapestry: A Rich Canvas
Geographically, India boasts a diverse landscape, offering a 70% share of the Himalayas, a 7,000-kilometer coastline, deserts, forests, and UNESCO Natural Heritage sites. Despite this abundance, India’s global ranking in adventure tourism fell short of expectations.

Strategic Initiatives: Nurturing Untapped Potential
In response to this, the Ministry crafted a National Strategy for adventure tourism, appointing the Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management as the Central Nodal Agency. The formation of a National Board for Adventure Tourism aimed to guide sector development, identifying strategic pillars for sustainable growth.

Adventure Tourism: A Cornerstone of India’s Vision
India set ambitious tourism goals, envisioning a USD 3 trillion tourism economy by 2047, with adventure tourism contributing USD 800 billion. The target included welcoming 20 million foreign tourists, engaging 80 million domestic adventure travelers, and generating USD 90 billion in foreign exchange.

Showcasing Success: Gujarat’s Role in Adventure Tourism
Director Niche Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Smt. Radha Katyal Narang commended Gujarat’s efforts in hosting ATOAI’s 15th Annual Convention & Pre-Vibrant Gujarat Event. The Director highlighted sustainable adventure tourism promotion as a crucial focus of the Ministry’s endeavors.

Strategic Insights and Collaborative Approaches
Key presentations during the conference emphasized the need for collaboration among stakeholders. International perspectives from Mike Druce and industry insights by Ajeet Bajaj enriched the discussions, providing a global context to India’s adventure tourism ambitions.

Digital Frontiers: Adventure Tourism India Website Launch
The Ministry launched the “Adventure Tourism India Website,” aiming to serve as a digital gateway for adventure enthusiasts. Additionally, the announcement of the “Best Adventure Tourism Destination Competition 2024” added a competitive edge to the evolving landscape.

State Perspectives: Showcasing Adventure Assets
States like Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Ladakh, Kerala, Sikkim, and Punjab presented their adventure tourism assets, development plans, and safety initiatives, aligning with the national strategy.

Destination Planning and Best Practices
The second day delved into destination planning, development, and management, spotlighting best practices. The conference showcased Ministry of Tourism initiatives, including the Incredible India Portal, Meet in India, Wed in India campaigns, Travel for LiFE Campaign, and efforts promoting tourism villages and rural homestays.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Adventure Tourism’s Ascent
The National Conference on Adventure Tourism served as a pivotal platform, laying the groundwork for India’s ascent as a global adventure tourism hub. With collaborative strategies, digital initiatives, and state contributions, the journey towards 2047 unfolds as an exciting adventure, promising new heights for India’s tourism landscape.


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