Javed Akhtar vs. Kangana Ranaut: A Defamation Drama

Javed Akhtar Responds to Kangana Ranaut’s Move in Defamation Case

Renowned lyricist Javed Akhtar has replied strongly to actor Kangana Ranaut’s recent plea in the Bombay High Court. He firmly believes that Kangana’s petition is an attempt to delay the defamation case he filed against her.

This legal clash between Akhtar and Ranaut has been grabbing attention, not only from the entertainment world but also from legal circles. Now, with Kangana trying to put the brakes on the case, things have taken an unexpected turn.

Akhtar, known for his poetic work in Bollywood, says that Kangana’s move is a tactic to disrupt the legal process. The defamation case, started by Akhtar, has been a hot topic, and Kangana’s attempt to stall it adds another layer of drama to the story.

In his response, Akhtar talks about the importance of resolving the defamation case fairly and promptly. He argues that Kangana’s actions not only try to delay justice but also make people question the true reasons behind the legal fight.

The Bombay High Court finds itself in the middle of this high-profile clash, working to navigate the complexities of the Indian legal system. Legal experts are closely watching, waiting for the court’s decision on Kangana’s petition and what it could mean for the overall defamation case.

As this legal drama unfolds, the entertainment world and the public are eagerly waiting to see what happens next. Javed Akhtar’s strong response shows how intense this legal battle has become, making us wonder about the real purpose behind Kangana’s petition and how it might affect the nationally followed defamation case.

The Legal Chess Game Between Javed Akhtar and Kangana Ranaut Unravels

In a recent twist in the legal saga between Javed Akhtar and Kangana Ranaut, the actor approached the High Court seeking a stay on the trial resulting from Akhtar’s defamation complaint. Ranaut, represented by advocate Rizwan Siddiquee, argued that both her complaint and Akhtar’s arise from the same incident, making it essential to have a joint trial to prevent conflicting judgments.

However, Akhtar swiftly opposed this move, filing an affidavit through advocate Jay Bharadwaj. He contends that there is no valid reason for Ranaut to involve the High Court’s writ jurisdiction, asserting that her petition aims to stall proceedings before the Andheri magistrate. Akhtar emphasized that Ranaut’s petition relies on assumptions and presumptions, lacking a basis in challenging any judicial order.

As the matter reached the High Court, Justices Revati Mohite Dere and Manjusha Deshpande directed the registry to determine whether a single bench or a division bench should hear the case. The prayer in Ranaut’s petition was scrutinized for being vague and untenable during this hearing.

Taking a step back, the roots of this legal dispute trace back to 2020 when Akhtar filed a defamation complaint against Ranaut, objecting to certain remarks made during a Republic TV interview. The contentious remarks pertained to a 2016 meeting between the two. Simultaneously, Ranaut counteracted with a cross-complaint, alleging criminal conspiracy, extortion, and invasion of privacy.

In a crucial development on July 24, 2023, the Andheri magistrate dropped the charge of extortion against Akhtar but summoned him for offenses under Sections 506 (criminal intimidation) and 509 (insult to modesty of a woman) of the Indian Penal Code. Akhtar, challenging the summons, secured a stay from the sessions judge at Dindoshi, putting the criminal proceedings on hold until the revision application is heard.

With this backdrop, Ranaut approached the High Court, seeking a stay on the criminal proceedings originating from Akhtar’s complaint. The legal chess game between these two prominent figures continues, leaving the industry and the public eagerly awaiting the next move in this gripping legal drama.


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