Hansal Mehta’s Critique: Box Office Obsession vs. Filmmaking Integrity

Hansal Mehta Critiques Public Obsession with Box Office, Prioritizes Storytelling Over Profits

Renowned director Hansal Mehta recently voiced his dismay over society’s growing fixation on box office numbers, recounting an unexpected encounter at a wedding where even relatives were engrossed in discussions about a film’s financial success. Mehta emphasized the need to confine such matters to those directly involved in the financial aspects of a project, underlining the potential detraction from the true essence of filmmaking.

Participating in a Cinema Express year-end roundtable, Mehta delved deeper into his earlier assertion that the “quest for mass success” is eroding the art of storytelling. Firmly distancing himself from the commercial pressures, Mehta asserted his commitment to prioritizing the creative process. He stressed that contemplating profits would compromise the integrity of his craft, his work, and the collaborative efforts of the filmmaking team. Mehta’s stance serves as a call for a reevaluation of societal values, advocating for a renewed focus on artistic merit and narrative depth over the relentless pursuit of financial milestones.

In a recent talk, director Hansal Mehta shared his thoughts on the film industry’s focus shifting towards box office numbers and data. He passionately expressed that his creative process cannot be solely driven by data, emphasizing that the true value of his work goes beyond the number of viewers. Mehta fondly mentioned his film “Aligarh,” highlighting that its success, measured beyond box office figures, remains one of his proudest achievements, reinforcing the idea that genuine artistry transcends numerical metrics.

Mehta delved into the historical shift, attributing the ‘initials’ phenomenon to Mr. Bachchan. He recalled a time when films celebrated silver and golden jubilees, but with the rise of the Friday-Saturday business model, the industry’s focus shifted. Measuring success turned from assessing occupancy to a fixation on financial outcomes. Mehta expressed concern over individuals solely fixated on numbers, labeling themselves as critics, and criticized the shift from appreciating the art to relying on numerical data for validation.


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