Tokopedia’s Groundbreaking 12.12 Campaign Jingle: A Fusion of VTuber Magic and Indonesian Cultural Authenticity

Harmonizing Tradition and Trend: Tokopedia’s Innovative 12.12 Campaign Jingle

In the midst of the fervor surrounding the widely celebrated 12.12 sale period, Tokopedia, a leading Indonesian e-commerce player, orchestrated a unique campaign strategy by collaborating with Kobo Kanaeru, Indonesia’s top virtual YouTuber (VTuber), and the popular online music creator Harry Citradi, aka Heiakim. The result? An infectious campaign jingle that not only went viral on Tokopedia’s social media accounts but also garnered a staggering one-hour version on their YouTube channel.

Bridging Cultural Roots with Viral Trends

Unlike conventional campaign jingles, this initiative marked Tokopedia’s first foray into leveraging a VTuber for its promotional endeavors. While the jingle drew inspiration from prevalent Japanese pop culture trends like anime and VTubers, it seamlessly intertwined with the fabric of local Indonesian culture. This meticulous fusion resonated, particularly with the younger consumer demographic, without losing its appeal to a broader Indonesian audience.

Exclusive Insights from Jonathan Locanawan

In an exclusive interview with Jonathan Locanawan, Tokopedia’s Senior Lead for Social Media, we delved into the creative process behind this groundbreaking campaign. Locanawan revealed that the genesis of the jingle was rooted in Tokopedia’s yearly 12.12 campaign and the introduction of the monthly shopping festival, “Waktu Indonesia Belanja” (WIB), or Indonesian Shopping Time, in 2020. The campaign aimed to be inclusive for all Indonesians, and the WIB jingle drew inspiration from the traditional South Kalimantan song, ‘Ampar Ampar Pisang,’ connecting authentically with the nation’s diverse population.

Authenticity in Capturing the Youth Market

As brands increasingly target the younger demographic, Locanawan shared valuable insights on maintaining authenticity. He emphasized the importance of understanding cultural roots and seamlessly blending global trends with local relevance. This strategy, as exemplified by Tokopedia, not only ensures resonance with the younger audience but also underscores a brand’s commitment to authenticity in a dynamic market.

In summary, Tokopedia’s innovative approach to campaign creation not only showcases the company’s ability to adapt to evolving trends but also highlights the significance of staying rooted in cultural authenticity. The fusion of VTubers, catchy jingles, and traditional inspirations presents a compelling narrative of how brands can captivate the hearts of diverse audiences while staying true to their roots.

Syncing Vibes: Tokopedia’s Sonic Voyage with Kobo Kanaeru and Heiakim

In the lively aftermath of Tokopedia’s triumphant “Waktu Indonesia Belanja” campaign, the infectious jingle emerged as more than a mere melody—it became the pulse of a brand venturing into uncharted creative waters. Jonathan Locanawan, Tokopedia’s maestro of social media, unveils the orchestration behind their commitment to innovation, delving into a more personalized connection with Indonesian consumers and the strategic symphony played alongside virtual sensation Kobo Kanaeru and music creator extraordinaire, Heiakim.

As the monthly campaign resonated, Tokopedia discerned the need to resonate even deeper with a younger, digitally active audience. This quest led them to a revelation: the fervent community of Japanese pop culture enthusiasts, a demographic ripe for exploration within Indonesia’s dynamic social media landscape.

“We saw a vibrant yet untapped market within Indonesian social media—the realm of Japanese popular culture. Kobo Kanaeru, an Indonesian VTuber, and Heiakim, known as a luminary in Japanese pop culture, stood out as influential figures, particularly among millennials and Gen Z,” shared Locanawan.

Collaborating with Kobo Kanaeru and Heiakim wasn’t merely a calculated move for Tokopedia; it was a harmonious dance towards authenticity. The birth of the jingle, conceived in-house with the dynamic duo’s active participation, mirrors Tokopedia’s commitment to collaboration beyond the superficial metrics of likes and followers. Trust, as Locanawan emphasized, forms the bedrock of their business.

“At Tokopedia, we believe in partnerships that transcend mere numerical values. Trust is our currency, and maintaining the trust of Indonesians is our unwavering priority,” he asserted.

As the jingle reverberates through the digital soundscape, Tokopedia’s commitment to genuine collaborations stands tall—an illustration of a brand not merely riding cultural currents but steering them. The rhythm of trust, creativity, and innovation narrates Tokopedia’s journey, setting an inspiring example for brands navigating the dynamic seas of consumer engagement. Together with Kobo Kanaeru and Heiakim, Tokopedia doesn’t just sell products; it orchestrates experiences, creating a symphony of connection that resonates far beyond the realms of e-commerce.


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