Evolve Back: Unrivaled Hospitality, Eco-Friendly Luxury, and Culinary Excellence in Nature’s Embrace

“A Symphony of Hospitality and Eco-Friendliness: Embracing Bliss at Evolve Back”

In the heart of warmth and hospitality, nestled within the embrace of nature, Evolve Back stands as a beacon of excellence, where every guest is treated not just as a visitor but as an honored guest in a cherished home.

From the moment you step foot into this haven, the staff’s unparalleled service sets the tone for an extraordinary experience. Greeted with genuine smiles and a heartfelt “namaskara,” every encounter feels like a reunion with long-lost friends. The dedication of the staff to ensuring your stay is nothing short of perfection is evident in every gesture.

What sets Evolve Back apart is not just its hospitality but its commitment to sustainability. A pioneer in eco-friendly practices, the resort transforms cooking oil waste into the warm glow of candles and bonfires, while a solar farm quietly generates electricity, marking a harmonious relationship with the planet.

As you embark on a culinary journey, the dining experience unfolds as a masterpiece. Each dish, a testament to culinary excellence, is not only a treat for the taste buds but a reflection of the resort’s dedication to minimizing waste. The flexibility to customize plates ensures that no morsel goes to waste, adding an extra layer of thoughtful consideration.

The magic of Evolve Back extends beyond the dining halls to the realms of housekeeping. Returning to a perfectly arranged room, devoid of a single crease, is a luxury often underestimated but cherished by those who revel in the finer details of comfort.

Immersing guests in the local Kodava lifestyle, Evolve Back weaves a tapestry of cultural programming that breathes life into every evening. Traditional dances and captivating storytelling sessions transport visitors into the heart of Kodava heritage, creating memories that linger long after the stay.

A highlight that transcends the ordinary is the surreal dinner buffet set amidst the coffee estate, beneath a star-studded sky and the flickering glow of candlelight. It’s a magical wonderland where phenomenal food and music converge, casting a spell that beckons guests to savor every moment.

As one reluctantly bids farewell after three enchanting nights, the only regret is the inability to partake in all the myriad activities offered. Yet, it becomes the perfect excuse to plan a return—a testament to the irresistible allure of Evolve Back, where each visit promises a new chapter in the story of blissful retreats.

Evolve Back, Coorg: A Luxurious Retreat in Nature’s Embrace

Nestled in the verdant beauty of southern Coorg, where the river intertwines with the forest, Evolve Back beckons travelers to a haven that transcends luxury—an earthy celebration of immersive eco-living. With 57 uniquely designed rooms, this luxury resort promises an unforgettable retreat, seamlessly blending warm hospitality with responsible tourism practices.

Arrival Experience:
The journey begins with anticipatory and friendly communication via email and WhatsApp, setting the tone for a personalized stay. The hotel’s proactive approach extends to the day-before check-in, ensuring efficiency and a seamless welcome. Ms. Priyanka Rai, the embodiment of hospitality, introduces guests to the resort with a buggy tour, providing a glimpse into the enchanting surroundings.

Future Forward Eco-Living:
Evolve Back lives up to its name, circling back to the roots with a commitment to responsible tourism. The resort stands plastic-free, implementing waste management, rainwater harvesting, and a biogas plant. Going beyond, it actively contributes to the local community through employment, training, and support for education. Guests can delve deeper into this ethos with an enlightening Eco Walk.

Design and History:
Crafted by George T Ramapuram, the Managing Director and Head of Architecture & Design at Evolve Back Resorts, the resort’s design reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Launched in 1995 as Orange County, Coorg, the property rebranded as Evolve Back in 2016, evolving to encapsulate a timeless charm.

Health & Wellness:
Evolve Back ensures a holistic wellness experience. Private pools in each room, two swimming pools, and a well-equipped gym cater to physical well-being. The Vaidyashala spa, with its immaculate setting, offers rejuvenating treatments, including the divine Abhiyanga, a synchronized, full-body massage by two masseuses.

Culinary Delights:
The resort boasts three distinctive restaurants, each with its unique personality. Granary, the main restaurant, hosts multi-cuisine breakfast and dinner buffets. Peppercorn leans towards Indian tandoor and continental barbecue, while Plantain Leaf specializes in traditional South Indian cooking. Outdoor dinner buffets, twice a week, elevate the dining experience under the stars.

Bar, Events & Nightlife:
Hunter’s Bar, nestled in the Granary, sets the stage for a delightful evening. Unique to Evolve Back is the specialty homemade wine, crafted from coffee berries and other fruits by the owner’s wife, adding a personal touch to the nightlife experience.

Minibar & Retail Therapy:
Guests can expect a thoughtfully curated minibar in their rooms, with a focus on showcasing the region’s famed coffee. The hotel’s gift shop offers a chance to take a piece of the local delights, coffee beans, and souvenirs back home.

Accessibility and Pet-Friendly Policy:
Carefully designed for accessibility, Evolve Back ensures a welcoming environment for all guests. While the resort embraces nature, the call of the wild means it’s a retreat best suited for humans only, as pets need to stay back at home.

In every aspect, Evolve Back, Coorg, transcends the ordinary, offering a tapestry of experiences that seamlessly intertwine with the natural beauty of its surroundings.


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