Spiritual Realization – How well do you know yourself?

Who am I?
Pondering on this question on my uber journey led me here today.
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While sitting in an interview, the most dreaded question arrived, “tell me something about yourself”.

This question always makes me numb and challenges my existence.

I did satisfy the interviewer by bragging about my background but not myself and that’s where my spiritual journey started.

What we don’t realize, that all of us are born spiritual being lost with lack of knowledge.

Do we Know Ourself?

What does a person do to know themselves?

What does know ourself actually means?

Or is it just an identity crisis of an anxious mind? like most people think.


What does know someone means?

Giving people time, noticing their activities, observing their reactions, that’s how we know another.

The same concept applies to ourself, there is no spiritual mantra to know yourself, it is just an art of observing, talking and spending time with ourself without worry-ful thoughts, without being in past or future, just being with oneself makes life changing difference.

Me and Myself are two passengers in the journey of life travelling side by side but haven’t given time to know each other.

In this hustling life, our mind isn’t empty to look within, question our behavior and motives, we do not know why we do what we do and why we want what we want.

Knowing thyself is a realization that our entire life is just influence-ive behavior, habits and dreams dreamt by someone else and that’s what makes us miserable.

Knowing thyself is a new found knowledge of blissful way of living life.

Analyzing and changing reactions and behavior, what doesn’t agree with our inner self, one day at a time, will help us connect to our higher self.

Which is the answer for the question – “Who am I?”

"Who am I" is not some answer you can find but it is a journey, it is a process, of knowing thyself and realization that you knew all along Who you are which was covered with the habits and influenced behavior.

Journey towards your higher self - there is no truth in life, today’s truth is true as per today’s knowledge, this truth can change tomorrow, because we are in ever learning phase of life, no one knows it all.

This knowledge will bring peace in your life, as what you are today is your knowledge of today, tomorrow will be different.