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5 Fashion Mistakes Unrelated to Fashion

Fashion now is an identity rather a concept.  

In this growing fashion and insta conscious world where not only youth but all age group are following fashion vividly, current trends changes like seasons but there are few basics that should be followed to look your best.  

People often make mistakes when it comes to fashion which are completely unrelated to Fashion.  

The most common culprit for these mistakes is simply not knowing what to do. 

Make sure to read below to apply Fashion in the right way 

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  1. Dress for Occasion 

One of the most common fashion mistakes is being under dressed or over dressed, both makes you stand out in a negative light and effects your confidence. 

Dressing should be according to the climate, social circle and occasion. 

For reference, wearing boots in a hot climate doesn’t make you fashionable no matter how much in trend it is. 

Similarly, wearing a casual torn denim in a wedding makes you look shabby even if it is high in trend for street fashion. 


  1. Dress your Age 

Every fashion trend is designed with the general public in mind and is tweaked to fit different age groups, preferences, and body types. 

It’s important to dress according to your age, because trends can look unflattering if your maturity is not visible in your clothing. 

Certain trends are appropriate for all age groups, but fashion needs to be tempered with common sense just like everything else.

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  1. Dress your Style 

We all have unique personalities and style, and no two people are the same.  

This is the reason for various fashion trends, for us to choose from. 

Any fashion trend can be accessorized in many ways and each look is unique.  

Therefore, One mistake a person can make is to pick up something worn by a celebrity and copy it as is. 

Have your unique  style, which will become your identity and combine it with current trends to be next fashion icon. 


  1. Dress for Comfort 

The biggest fashion faux pas is not being comfortable in your clothing.  

No matter how much you like the way something looks, if you are not comfortable wearing it, it’s not worth wearing. 

Many people mistakenly wear garments that do not fit well, wearing wrong size is an odd look.  

know your correct size and wear what you are comfortable in. 

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  1. Dress Quality not Quantity

Spontaneous shopping can lead to high shopping bills and an over-abundance of clothes you don’t wear, therefore people end up with nothing to wear even when they have plenty of clothing. 

Always go for a high-quality product over a quantity of lower quality products, because a compromised quality product will look shabby within a short time.  

A good example of how a compromised quality can quickly become unsightly is the reference to classic white shirt. After only a few washes, the shirt will start to look pale, and it won’t be presentable or fashionable. 

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