Written By Aayushi Gupta A.K.A Pepo

We are Bulletproof, I purple all of BTS , their team and my fellow army who are a sea of Hope.
I am proud to say that I am a part of one of the biggest fandoms of the world. Yes, I like other artists as well western, Korean, Japanese, various countries and of my homeland India. This article I want to write about my love for BTS, this would not be my only article on them but my first one.  

There are many armies who have connected to each other without knowing each other and becoming very good friends. I do not believe in the toxicity part of the army. I want our lads to date, I want them to live their whole lives, follow who they want and till a point be original . I do not believe in bashing other artists if they have not done anything wrong to our boys. 

Jamming the song “ We are Bulletproof : the Eternal “ on repeat I write this piece of writing which wants to call out for the love of the 7 men and their team who work tirelessly to bring smiles on people of all walks of life. They are not just 7 they have a whole army behind them, who will go beyond lengths to protect them, support them in various charities and causes, help BTS break language barrier and truly justify the saying Music has no language it can heal the word. We have celebrated so many iconic moments with BTS, from breaking streaming views on YouTube, to playing on all music platforms across the internet, to making their albums top sellers, for voting for BTS onwards show and making sure they are trending every other day on social media platforms. Some artistic armies paint, make illustrations, sing covers and help us translate lyrics. Being part of BTS fandom only goes to prove that if the world has a cause and the right people to lead them, they can bring in change if they want to. 

No, BTS army are not just 13 year old girls, we come from different ages, different genders, different nationalities, different economies, different professions but in our diversity we unify we hold the  dream to sing loud with the bomb stick in our hand turning purple, us witnessing the famous purple ocean singing, creating waves and being in the moment with our beloved boys. See them perform the dance routine they have perfected over the years.
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From Namjoon rapping with the charisma he holds, how he appears to be such a calm person on the surface, who always seems to be in deep thought, is articulate in every interview, has a great vocal, technique and ability to write beautiful lyrics that resonates with us which helped so many armies out of the dark times of their life, BTS just does not talk about love, they talk about mental health, phases a person in youth phase and that is why it resonates with everyone as even though the lyrics might be talkin about youth but it does not deviate from the core human emotions of sadness, anger, depression and how to address it . 

Kim Namjoon is an intelligent young man and the way he leads is ironic, it is not an understatement but I feel he should be taken as a case study of leadership and how to make sure teamwork is effective. He is our leader who has done an amazing job and we cannot be any prouder. The only hope I gave is that he is not neglected by our armies who tend to prefer one member, it is okay to have a bias but that does not mean we do not treat all the members equally. 

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kim seok-jin

Kim Seokjin is one who tends to light up the mood with a dad joke. He is as rightly put as World Wide Handsome. The man is a dream guy. He is funny, he can cook and he can obviously take care of people. He has been taking care of the boys for all these years. Jin is their ‘HYUNG’ at the end. The man is adorbs, his laugh makes armies roll on the floor laughing, all the compilations made by the army in YouTube actually showcase his fun side. He is hardworking and not only proved himself as a Visual but also improved his singing. ‘Awake’ is one of my personal favorite songs by a K-pop idol of all time.

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min yoongi

Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D. The tsunadre , he appears tough and a person who really does not give a damn, intimidating initially. We armies know he is a soft goofball. Who is quite relatable, like the man is known to love taking naps, his gummy smile has our hearts. Keeping it aside the man has actually struggled, his story is an inspiration to many artists who are starting out. He has produced so many songs, and has a great reputation in the music industry. He has worked with Juice WRLD, Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran, to name a few.

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jung hoseok

Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope. Hobi is our sunshine, he can dance, sing, rap but above all he has a way to create Hope for not only his members but also us his loyal Army. We all await for clips where Hobi is breaking down into a dance routine. He seems so humble and talented at the same time. J-Hope seems like a person who wanted to get validation from his family and now that he has achieved so much he does not need validation, people want his nod on their work. Hey, Army let us protect him at all costs and give him all the love we can foster. It is J-Hope’s world we are just living in it 🙂 .

park jimin
park jimin

Park Jimin, let us take a moment and just praise the stage presence and charisma of the man. He is usually one of the members who gain attention in music videos. The man can pull off sexy as well as cute boyish charms. From Serendipity to Filter the man shows that he can adorn any hat he wants too. Super funny bits of him surface on the internet making the day for us. We all can have a tough day but all the worries melt away seeing a few clips of Jimin being himself.

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kim taehyung

Kim Taehyung aka V, he is so beautiful and handsome at the same time. Deemed as a hidden genius among armies. He is one of the most popular members of BTS, check instagram stats for when he joined the platform if you do not believe me. He seems so pure, in his own world happy. He and his beret can rule our hearts all day long. His voice is so calming and can put armies in a zen mode. I just wish that he is not under scrutiny so much wherein every thing he does is under a microscope. The man should be allowed to breathe and live life at times like a mundane person where he can date, hangout with people and not get hate for it.

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jeon jungkook

Jeon Jungkook. The man is an artist, athletic, he looks sexy and can look adorable, killer expression on stage, sings like an angel, dances to kill. The man overworks himself, maybe that is why he is a perfectionist in whatever he chooses to pursue. Even Chris Martin (Member of Coldplay) appreciated his vocals. He is introverted in nature. Jungkook loves things that give an adrenaline rush from roller coasters to bungee jumping. Yet I feel like other members he should not be scrutinized for everything. People tend to pair him up with BTS members and other K-pop idols as well. It is okay if it is playful but it is not alright if people hate something that they have not even admitted. She should be allowed to date whoever he wants, which is very normal for a person of youth to do, without being judged. The person he is dating should not be getting hate for it.

Here I conclude my train of thoughts associated with this article. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Signing off PEPO